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Cherry pick single lines

Scenario: You're developing a big extension within a dedicated branch. You have a lot of files and changes checked-in with only a few changesets. Now, you need a small portion of all these changes in another branch. You can't use the traditional cherry pick, because you've check-in a lot "unwanted" files with your changesets. Also you changed bigger files which contain needed and unwanted changes.

Righ now there is no way to cherry pick only some changes from specific files within a branch.

It would be a great feature, if you could generate a new changeset with only a selected portion of all changes made on a branch. One could then use a cherry pick on this changeset to merge these changes.

I'm sure this isn't easy to handle, but you guys will make it happen ;)

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  • psantosl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi SWSBB,

    I understand you can't use cherry pick from changeset either because your changes are not isolated on changesets, but spread through different ones, correct? And, also, I guess you can't pick just a set of changesets and cherry pick each of them because you made unrelated changes together on the same cset, right?

    Well, the first thing here would be: please, checkin only coherent changes together, so that you can do clever things with them later on.

    That being said: what you're asking for is 'history rewriting' (more or less), which is a pretty interesting point (Git implements this) but so far didn't fit our model.

    I'd like to continue the conversation about this, so please let me know your thoughts here.


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