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    Phil Jagger commented  · 

    In Plastic 3.0 when viewing the list of branches (not branch explorer). In Plastic 4.0 you can see this list by clicking on the "Branches" button under the Main Actions section. You get the a similar ui when viewing item history, etc. In plastic 3.0 the Main/Head branch names would be displayed as /main#, we didn't actually put the '#' in the name, but that's how the ui displayed them to us. This allowed us to enter a filter string "/main#" to filter out subbranches. This was useful when viewing item history where you only cared about changes going into the main/head branches. In Plastic 4.0 the '#' symbol is no longer appended to the branch name for main/head branches. My
    filter is now just "/main", but that doesn't filter out anything because all my branches are named after the main branch (/main/sub1, /main/sub1/sub2, /main/foo). Is there another way to do what I'm describing.

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